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Here’s what’s on Your Aug 2 ballot

Shall the Charter Township of Meridian, under the authority of Section 6, Subsection 1 of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, Initiated Law 1 of 2018 (“MRTMA”), MCL 333.27956.1, adopt the following initiated ordinance that completely prohibits adult-use (also known as “recreational”) marihuana establishments as defined in Section 3(i) of MRTMA, MCL 333.27953(i), within the boundaries of the Township: “All adult-use (also known as ‘recreational’) marihuana establishments as defined in Section 3(i) of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, Initiated Law 1 of 2018, is prohibited within the boundaries of the Charter Township of Meridian.”

Voting No Will

Voting Yes Will

Learn why voters in 2018 supported legalization and regulation over the black market”

  • Allow community leaders to create sensible local laws that carefully limit and regulate local cannabis businesses.
  • Ensure products sold in our community are tested for safety.
  • Empower local leaders to apply our carefully crafted medical cannabis rules to adult-use establishments.


Votes Needed

  • Overturn the voice of 60% of the people who supported the 2018 initiative to legalize and regulate cannabis businesses.
  • Encourage an illegal and dangerous black market to thrive in our community.
  • Block new businesses, jobs, and tax revenue from Meridian Township.


About Our Campaign

This August, Meridian Township voters

are being asked whether they want to enact the failed policy of prohibition and ban adult-use cannabis establishments from our community.

Voters have already decided on this issue in 2018 when 60% supported a statewide proposal to legalize and regulate cannabis. “We cannot allow a small, short-sighted minority group to overturn the will of the majority.”

Get the Facts on Meridian Township Proposal 1

Prohibition doesn’t work! It fuels the black market and encourages illegal, dangerous behavior.

If Meridian Township bans adult-use cannabis businesses, more people will be encouraged to use illegal black market sources for their products

  • Peer-reviewed research shows that when legal purchase options are available, black market activity drops.
  • Illegal black market sellers don’t check IDs to ensure buyers are of legal age.
  • Illegal black market dealers don’t care whether their packaging is attractive to children or whether their products are tested for safety.

State-regulated businesses, on the other hand, must comply with strict regulations.

  • All cannabis businesses must meet strict security requirements.
  • Their products are tested by the state for safety.
  • State regulators banned any packaging or marketing that could be attractive to minors.

Meridian Township voters have already spoken on this issue. They said loud and clear in 2018 that cannabis should be regulated similar to alcohol. 

  • More than 60 percent of voters approved a statewide measure calling for the legalization and regulation of adult-use cannabis.
  • We cannot allow a small, short-sighted minority group to overturn the will of the majority.

Instead of driving cannabis back into the illegal black market, we need to ensure local control of the cannabis market.

  • By voting NO on Meridian Proposal 1 we can ensure that legal cannabis establishments are closely regulated and monitored.
  • Defeating this misguided proposal will empower local leaders to set a cap on the number of businesses allowed and use zoning to determine where they locate, just as they have already done with medical cannabis establishments.
What would Meridian Proposal 1 do?

This proposal is a ballot referendum that is asking voters whether Meridian Township should go back to the failed policy of prohibition by imposing a complete and total ban on all adult-use (also called recreational) cannabis businesses in the township. Download a copy of the proposal language here.

Why is this group asking voters to vote “No” on the referendum?

First, prohibition has been a complete failure. It leads to illegal activity and unsafe untested products in the black market.

Second, more than 60% of Meridian Township voters already said in 2018 that they wanted cannabis to be legalized and regulated. If this referendum is approved by voters it would reverse the will of the majority of people and have the township “opt out” of that previously approved decision. A vote to ban the adult-use cannabis industry would also mean rejecting the jobs and tax revenue that come with this rapidly growing industry.

If this referendum is rejected by voters, does that mean the township is voting to specifically allow adult-use cannabis businesses?

No. Rejecting this misguided proposal will only tell the township that adult-use cannabis businesses should not be banned. After this election, township officials would still need to create their own local zoning and licensing laws that apply to adult-use cannabis businesses.

Supporters of banning cannabis businesses say there are too many unknowns involved in allowing adult-use cannabis businesses, is that true?

Not at all. There are 168 local communities that have already decided to allow regulated cannabis businesses within their jurisdictions. Meridian Township can use the best practices from these communities to ensure we have local laws that allow for safe, tested products while limiting the number of businesses allowed and ensuring they only operate in designated areas.

Meridian Township already created its own medical cannabis ordinance. Why do we need to allow adult-use cannabis businesses?

While it’s important to ensure patients have access to cannabis through licensed medical dispensaries, market forces have changed and the only dispensaries that will remain open are those that can serve medical and adult-use customers. Creating access to medical cannabis for Meridian Township patients requires allowing adult-use access for anyone 21 and older.

Why does this group say banning adult-use cannabis will fuel the black market?

Research shows that limited access to legal cannabis is one of the most common reasons people continue to use the black market. If we want to prevent people from turning to black-market sellers –who do not check IDs to ensure buyers are 21 years or older and whose products are not tested for safety –then we need to reject this proposal and allow for a limited number of regulated cannabis businesses in Meridian Township.

What sort of economic benefits would Meridian Township be giving up by banning adult-use cannabis businesses?

The main benefit we would lose our jobs and tax revenue. Michigan’s cannabis industry is a $3.2 Billion industry that currently supports more than 31,000 jobs. This year, communities that allowed adult-use cannabis sales received $56,400 for every adult-use dispensary in their jurisdictions. Meridian would receive none of these benefits if it bans adult-use cannabis establishments. Even if a medical cannabis-only dispensary did open, the township would receive no tax benefit because medical products are not taxed.

If voters reject an outright ban on adult-use cannabis businesses, how can we ensure our community won’t be overrun with dispensaries on every corner?

The township has the full authority to create local licensing and zoning laws –just like it already has done for medical cannabis –that cap the number of cannabis businesses in the community limit the hours of operation and ensures they are located only in appropriate areas. The medical cannabis laws Meridian Township passed are a perfect example of this.

Will allowing adult-use cannabis in Meridian Township impact our property values?

Several studies have shown that communities with regulated cannabis businesses actually see an increase in their property value. A 2021 report by Clever Real Estate found home values were $22,090 higher in cities with recreational dispensaries, compared to home values in cities where recreational marijuana is legal but dispensaries are not available.

Vote NO

Meridian Township voters have already spoken on this issue. They said loud and clear in 2018 that cannabis should be regulated similar to alcohol.


Township Voters Reject Cannabis Ban!

Township Voters Reject Cannabis Ban!

The majority have spoken. The proposed ban of adult-use cannabis businesses has been defeated. We will now be urging the township board to listen to the will of the people and craft sensible local laws that use best practices from across the state so that we can allow...

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